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We are a leader supplier in the production of wiring harnesses for automotive components.
We contribute to the success of our customersmeeting the maximum level of
Quality, Customer Service and Competitiveness.

Wiring Specialist

Solutions providers

With our experience we are able to develop customized solutions
and support customers in product development.

Driven by Quality

Total quality

We use the highest standards to satisfy our customer expectations, by respecting the
company internal quality procedures and the certification requirements.

Innovative Systems



We develop continuously manufacturing systems to offer to our customers
even a wider range of solutions to be applied on the wiring harnesses.

What distinguishes us

Our skills and services



Quality is our best Business Plan. We invest in the continuous improvement to meet the maximum quality levels expected by our customers


We work in partnership with our materials and low cost labour suppliers, in order to always guarantee the best prices to our customers

Technical support

We are partner in the technical product development done by our customers, focusing in particular to Design to Cost and Preventive Quality.

Logistic service

Reliability and speed are our strengths as recognized by our customers.